The Storm and the Darkness Playlist

The Storm and the Darkness playlist is here! This one was slightly more challenging than the one for Dusk. Darkness is more of a thriller, so I wanted to reflect that., but I also wanted to respect some of the deeper themes at play.


Random highlights:

1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Runaway: To me, both in a tonal and meaningful way, represents Ana’s feelings leading up to her arrival on Summer Island.

2. Modest Mouse- The World at Large: Much like the first song, this reflects Ana’s conflicting desire to start over. “I know that starting over is not what life’s about, but the thoughts were so loud I couldn’t hear my mouth.”

4. Shiny Toy Guns- Don’t Cry Out: One of my favorite songs when I’m having a bad day. And it’s safe to say that Ana has had her share of those when the book starts, and they only get worse.

5. A Perfect Circle- The Noose: Thematically, one of the more meaningful songs on the list. “I’m more than just a little curious how you were planning to go about making your amends…with your halo, slipping down.”

9. Leadbelly- Where Did You Sleep Last Night- Without spoiling anything, I felt this song paired so nicely with the events of the final chapter. The lyrics hold especial meaning when you consider what they might imply to both the one singing, and the one being sung about.


If you haven’t picked up The Storm and the Darkness yet, you can find it at the following places (Note: I am moving it to KDP Select this week, so it will only be available on non-Amazon channels for a short time):


4 thoughts on “The Storm and the Darkness Playlist

  1. I never thought of a playlist for a book before. It makes sense, though. So many movies have soundtrack albums now. It does add another dimension to your work 🙂

    1. I thought it was kind of fun, too. And I tend to be very inspired by lyrics, so I thought I would share that with others. I did one for Dusk as well. Working on the one for the third book as I write it.

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