Author Interview: Inger Iversen

My guest today is Inger Iversen, author of Immortal Heart. Welcome Inger!

  1. Inger IversenTell us your name, and a link to where we can find you (blog, Facebook, etc).
    My name is Inger Iversen. My website is my name 🙂

  1. How many books have you written? This can include both published and unpublished works. Describe each of them in 1-2 sentences apiece (if published, feel free to include the links as well).

    I have written a few books 🙂

These are my full novels that are published

    Few Are Angels


    Immortal Heart (9/30/13)

My Dream series is already written, but I’m not sure when I will release it.



  1. Tell me a little bit about your current WIP.
    My current WIP is called The End of Forever and is about a girl named Cara who is Immortal Heart_cover_medium1234living with the grief of losing to sister to her abusive ex-boyfriend. Then we throw Logan Sullivan, aka Sully into the mix. The so called bad boy that is fighting to keep his family business from crumbling. These two meet and learn how to forgive themselves for past mistakes, but it’s a rough and rocky road.

  1. What does writing preparation look like for you? Do you do full outlines and character profiles, or do you just start with a general idea and write?
    I always start with an idea and then write. Most of the time I know the beginning and the end, but it’s the middle that keeps me busy. How to get from point A to point B. In the Few Are Angels series, I know who Ella, Kale, Mia, Jace and Sola will end up with, I know who won’t make it to the end of the series and I know who is getting a spin off. I just have to get them there. I also write completely out of order. I can have the last chapter of the book finished before I have even considered a prologue.

  1. Editing is a challenge for many writers. Give us some of your tips for editing efficiently and well.
    Get a professional editor. Beta readers are not editors, I’m sorry they just aren’t. A lot of authors are asking friends to read their books, but it’s important to have a person trained to catch mistakes for you. I see a lot on reviews that rip authors to shreds.

  1. Research is another challenge writers face, but is an important part of the writing process. What are some of your research tips?
    I actually ask experts or someone more knowledgeable on the subject. Like for instance, I don’t know much about Montana, so I have a consultant, who has lived there her entire life. I also interviewed a detective while writing certain scenes in Immortal Heart and went to Maryland to research a museum for the Dream series. My best advice is to make the research fun!

  1. If you have been published (self or traditionally), what type of marketing did you find worked the best for you? What was the least helpful?
    Facebook and Twitter are the best ways to promote your book. I’m sure other social media outlets work well, but I have found that you have to go where your readers are and most of mine are on Facebook. Also, blog tours are an awesome way to get your name out there.

  1. What advice would you give to a writer who is starting out?
    Never give up. Best advice I ever received.

  1. What are your writing, editing, marketing, and research goals for 2013?
    My goal is to release a new book every six months and have free stories on my site

  1. Finally, is there anything else you would like your readers to know?

Indies need readers support, so if you find an indie that you love: Read, review and communicate with them. 🙂 We love it.


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