A Completely Biased Review of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

images (1)Prepare yourself. You’re about to read my completely biased review of The Desolation of Smaug. Click here to see last year’s equally biased review of The Unexpected Journey. I recommend reading it, before reading further, as it addresses some of my high level thoughts on the decision to turn The Hobbit into three movies, and some of the choices made in doing so.

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Éowyn and Éomer

LadyEowyn_Of_Rohan2614Bro_n_Sis_Éowyn and Éomer are two of my favorite characters in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Both continuously act with bravery, nobility, and a genuine passion for their people and way of life, throughout the story. There is a purity of heart and cause for both, and most importantly, they act with a significant regard for each other. Éomer specifically casts a loving and protective shadow over his sister, wanting to keep her safe but loving her for her courage and spirit nonetheless. He fears for her, yet is proud of her. Continue reading

April Fool’s Day Win

So, this little gem popped up on my newsfeed a few minutes ago: Press Release: Disney to Acquire Middle-earth Enterprises

I have to admit it…it really had me going for awhile. At least until this awesome nugget:

“We’Tom-Bombadil-books-male-characters-30343016-751-1063ve wanted to get our hands on Tom Bombadil’s yellow boots and bright blue jacket for ages,” enthused Ed Catmull, president of Pixar, a division of Disney.  “From the early poems to the Old Forest I hope to bring Tom to life for a new generation of Middle-earth fans. I’m particularly interested in bringing ‘Bombadil goes Boating’ to the big screen.”

Well played, TheOneRing.net. Well played.

A Completely Biased Review of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


Disclaimer: This is a long and completely biased review and I regret nothing.

(Note: This was originally published on my LotR Tumblr page in December, but as I don’t share that link with anyone who could possibly know me in real life- since it is a blog that, even by my standards, displays embarrassing levels of lotr fangirling- I thought I would share it here)

I’ve seen The Hobbit twice; I was there at midnight (in costume no less; Shieldmaiden of Rohan, you better believe it) on opening night. I went again during the day when I was far less tired and able to do more than just stare in sleep-deprived amazement. I’ve seen it in 2D and 3D, but not the HFPS, because I heard some not-so-great things about it and I was wary to introduce anything that might take away from the experience (yes, my love for Middle Earth runs deep, and my shame in this is nonexistent). From the moment “Concerning Hobbits” started playing, I was in a glass cage of emotion. Continue reading

Movie Confusion: The Exodus of the Elves and Arwen’s Choice

My husband recently asked me, “Why do the elves need to leave Middle-earth?” as we sat and watched Return of the King for the ten-thousandth time. While the answer is in the texts, I think that the movie creates some confusion with how they handled the Exodus, as well as Arwen’s choice. Continue reading

Dispelling the Myth: Why The Eagles Of Middle-earth Are Not Gandalf’s Personal Taxi Service

One of the biggest debates that comes up (usually in the context of trying to call out a plot hole) is about the Great Eagles of Middle-earth and why they don’t just pick up Frodo and his friends in Rivendell and take them on a nice, relaxing journey to Mt. Doom. There are, in fact, several very logical reasons and I will explain here seven of them. Continue reading