Magick After Midnight- 40 Stories for .99!

Magick After Midnight: 
A Paranormal Romance Novella Collection


Featuring The Menagerie by Sarah M. Cradit

Welcome to The Menagerie. You’ll be offered a single choice.
Your deepest desires, granted. Once made, it cannot be undone.

Cyler spent a century training under the strict tutelage of the Scholars
of Farjhem. Now, as he prepares to be sent off into the world a new
fledgling, he has only one desire: to serve Agripin, the Grand Duke of
his homeland.

After missing his chance, a dejected Cyler is instead presented with
another, entirely different offer: An invitation from Duchess Oriana,
the duke’s beautiful but depraved sister, to join in her den of hedonism
known only as The Menagerie.

Cyler accepts the coveted invite to this secret world of sensual
wonders, but not all is what it Oriana has her designs set on more than
offering a service. As he is pulled deeper into the underground world of
wicked decadence, he beings to see how prophetic the words on his
invite truly are.




Escape into 20 bewitching novellas from your favorite USA Today and
International Bestselling Paranormal authors. From witches to shifters,
to fae and vampires, this scintillating set will have you reading well
into the witching hour.

This collection also comes with an opportunity to receive 20 MORE
full-length novels by the same authors for FREE. That’s 40 spectacular
stories all for the price of a cup of witch’s brew!

Grab it right now from Amazon!

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