Sarah’s 10 Point Reviews: Crimson Peak (Movie)


  1. Guillermo Del Toro’s command of cinema is unparalleled. From the opening shot, I’m already giddy.

  2. Who do I have to bribe to be in the Tom Hiddleston/Charlie Hunnam sandwich?

  3. No, that was a serious question. Please tell me.

  4. Allerdale Hall. I wanted to make comparisons to Thornfield Hall, or Manderley. Hell, I half-expected Miss Havisham to come wandering out in her mouldering wedding gown. But truly, Allerdale Hall stands on its own. The red clay (everywhere) adds an element that borders on heavy-handed but lands on evocative.

  5. Jessica Chastain commands the role of Lucille like its her job. Which it is. And she should be getting a raise for this performance. Stole every moment she was on screen.

  6. A+ casting all around. Mia Wacaneverspellherlastname was mesmerizing. Her hair alone deserves an Oscar. Hiddles did a great job playing the divided, tormented lead. And I enjoyed seeing Charlie Hunnam play a rather benign fellow just looking for a little love, dangit.

  7. Touted as horror, but I felt the strong waves of gothic romance. From the lyrical, almost poetic dialogue, to the rotting Victorian England backdrop. Dark, depressing, unrelenting. Right up my alley!

  8. Dammit all to hell. I wish I’d written this book. The lovely dialogue, the delicious, twisted deceptions. Jealous writer syndrome over here.

  9. Speaking of not really horror: there were no “jump out of my seat” moments, but my heart raced the entire film. See next point.

  10. One (of many) things I love about Del Toro is his cinematic insistence that the greatest evil is not the ghosts or monsters outside, but the ones within.

Film Score: A


I read. I watch original cable shows. I take in a movie from time to time. And most of what I absorb can be described in ten bullet points. Thus, Sarah’s 10 Point Reviews was born. You’ll find no rhyme or reason to what and when I review something. My motivations tend to as random as my reviews. You’re welcome to add your own ten bullets in the comments, if the mood strikes. Enjoy!

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