S is also for Sad Panda (Not so Bonus Post)

sadpandaIts pretty unusual for me to make posts like this. I limit this blog to posting about writing adventures, or seeing the world, or my shameless adventures in Tolkienerdom (made a word up. Do something about it). But today I’ve had a pretty awful day. Like “I might have ugly cried over the end of Spartacus, that I actually watched over a week ago,” day.

Nothing specific triggered it exactly. Nothing especially bad happened. But I woke up with my head a little off, and it carried with me through the rest of the day. Every conversation I had felt like a debate session, I almost punted my dog down the stairs (and, in the mood I was in, I’d have literally ROFL’d at her misfortune), my writing has been sloppier and less inspired than usual, my workout only lasted five minutes before I stubbed my toe and cussed at the treadmill (in my defense, it was being a belligerent douchecanoe), and I almost burst into tears at the end of a zombie Chernobyl movie because, goddamnit, clearly this cheesy horror film was actually a political exposition piece on how wrongly treated the victims were! My husband and I went out to dinner, and before we even got to the restaurant he asked me if I needed a Red Hut built in the backyard to go cool off. Yes I do: to put his ass in.

The point is, there’s no reason for me to feel so down in the dumps today, I just do. And I know everyone reading this understands this, but this is just one of the byproducts of being creative. Its how the universe balances things out. We creative types…we FEEL things. WE FEEL ALL THE THINGS. ALL MY FEELS ZOMGGGGGGGGG!!!!!

So if you’re having a bad day, either today or any other day you stumble across this post, just remember: today only sucks because you’re awesome. And being awesome is our cross to bear.


35 thoughts on “S is also for Sad Panda (Not so Bonus Post)

  1. Amen! Those days just happen, when you feel on edge all day, where it feels like everything is great ideas and poor execution, when every light turns red, when all you really want is your favorite Chinese and the one day the restaurant is closed is Monday. You’re still awesome– every single day. 🙂


      But seriously…yes, you totally get it. Nothing went right and my reactions to nothing going right were just as bad. Thanks for getting me 🙂

      1. Happy to oblige. I barely get myself, so it helps to practice on others 🙂 Also, it seems most Chinese restaurants are closed either Sunday or Monday– shame on them for only working six days a week!

  2. That is EXACTLY it!!! Being so very creative comes with a price… the universe has to settle that somehow, and our strangely bad days, our oddly incoherent days, and all the little days where no matter what we do nothing makes sense, or no one understands us is how the universe makes it ok that we have “so much power” because being able to Create… is such a marvelous and grand power indeed!

    1. “So much power.” I like the way your mind works! See, that’s the other great thing about creative…we can come up with amazing ways to talk about the beauty of having a craptastic day! ❤

      1. *grins* why of course! and every once in a while… we can turn and look at that craptastic day and see something else instead. An inspiration, a moment in time to reflect, something that can be “remembered”, something to transform…
        yup, I think too much… good thing I am used to that *grins*

  3. Your treadmill being Belligerent douchecanoe made me snicker :). Treadmills are horrible things on normal days, let alone on shitty, crappy, arrrgggh days!

      1. there are many reasons I do not even attempt to get on one… *grins* I just see so many episodes of coyote, rolling around and around that thing… and I Just can’t make myself step on it for fear it will do the same to me!

  4. I hate days like that and you know when you wake and your head is slightly off you have no chance. Me, I’d get back into my bed at the earliest opportunity and try to start again the next day! I hate being in those moods. They’re evil. I hope today is a better day.

    1. Yes, that’s exactly what I thought when I woke up…that I should go back to bed. Sometimes maybe we are better off listening to our instincts!

      And thank you…its already looking up 🙂

  5. I can’t even rely on my reader today. It won’t let me past the last 20 posts of blogs I follow. Lucky I got to see yours! I’m there holding your hand in frustration.

      1. Yes, that’s my plan. I just don’t want to miss anyone that I read even if it’s only once a week. Is there a quick and easy way to do this or not?

      2. I get email notifications for anything on my page, but I comment frequently on others’ as well, and getting email for those would suck. Hopefully WP will just fix their shit! (Don’t take this the wrong way, but glad its happening to you too so I know I’m not going nuts)

  6. Hang in there my new friend!

    You are a truly awesome person who is sweet and extremely intelligent.

    By reading your posts and sharing this writing adventure with you here on WordPress it’s not hard to see how strong you are, and I know whatever life throws in front of you…You will always prevail because that the type of person you are!

    This cheered me up, and I loved the picture of the bay bay Panda Buuuur! (Baby Talk) I feel embarrassed I just baby talked but o well haha!!!

    Hope you feel better today, Remember to breath! ❤

    1. Shane, I have to tell you…when I started blogging, I knew I would meet interesting people that I would share interests with, and that there would be blogs I would read more than others, and even people I might grow to like. What I did NOT expect was to meet people like you….people I genuinely like and care about and would even consider a friend. All of your posts- either from your own blog or comments on mine and others- show just how big of a heart you have and how awesome you are. Thanks so much for this comment, it really does mean the world to me 🙂 ❤

      Hey, baby talk is always allowed on my page. This is the no-judging zone!

  7. I’m pretty sure “douchecanoe” is a made up word, too; and I would do something about it, but I think it has a place in most everyday conversations, so I’ll let it slide for now…

  8. Day = made. 🙂

    “Douchecanoe” is totally acceptable. I also would have taken “douchecopter” (first seen on The Oatmeal, I think) because, as a friend of mine pointed out, “it sounds like someone who isn’t just a douche themselves…but also spreads the douche around.” (Disturbingly gross…and hilarious.)

    1. Thank you! When I started writing the post, I feeling so discouraged, but as I kept writing it, I realized that the intention had changed. How we choose to look at our moods affects them greatly 🙂

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