Expendability (Or: Keep Killing Those Darlings)


Well, I did something sort of awful today. It was for the best, and I’m sure future readers will thank me, but it still sort of sucked.

I didn’t kill off a character, exactly, but I might as well have because I took away her voice…downgraded her to nothing more than a mention…completely removed her POV chapter.

Normally I am a happy, remorseless editor. It actually makes me feel better because it happened for a reason, and that reason is usually cleaner, tighter prose and story.

Except…this was Adrienne! Continue reading

House of Crimson and Clover Series- Overview Page

There are multiple places I link folks to when they ask about my book(s), but none of these places contain a summary of the series, or bring everything together. It seems logical that there should be a central place that is easy to read and find. So the somewhat brilliant and incredibly overdue thought came to me: Aha! The series needs an overview page.

You can find that page here. It can also be found on both the top and right menus on the blog as An Introduction To: The House of Crimson and Clover Series.