St. Charles at Dusk Playlist

duskplaylistI’ve been meaning to put together a playlist for St. Charles at Dusk for a long time now; that is, a list the songs that remind me the most of moments from the book or that I feel set the proper tone for the story.

“Be Still My Heart” by the Postal Service, will always remind of of the sweetness and simplicity of a new romance. “Tear Me in Two” by Stroke 9 describes so achingly well the complexity of Oz and Adrienne’s relationship. The lyrics and haunting tones of “Your Ghost” by Kristen Hersh and Michael Stipe do a better job than I ever could of evoking the soul-crushing emotions that Oz felt when Adrienne went missing, while “Brand New Colony” by the Postal Service delves into the “us against the world” hopefulness every couple feels when they are up against adversity.

Each song on the list has a special meaning, and relates to the story in its own unique way.

I’ll be doing one for The Storm and the Darkness as well, before it releases in July 🙂