T is for Travel

History, culture, and architecture have always struck my fancy. So it is no wonder that travel- a means to see, feel, hear, taste, and experience these things- is so dear to my heart.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Although I’ve been successful in my career (my day job, or, the “thing I do other than write”), my wanderlust has always been strong and I knew that if I wanted to see the world…really, truly see it, I would need to get creative. There would not be enough vacations in my lifetime to see all I wanted to see.

I started learning ways to monopolize on business trips. If I was going to Romania, and my plane ticket was cheaper if I took an overnight in Vienna, then it was a win/win for everyone. Where I saw opportunities to see something new, I seized them. And along the way, I learned some tricks for seeing more with less time, and getting creative with the time you do have.

Vienna, Austria

These experiences have inspired me to write travel guides so that others who share the desire to see as much of the world as possible in what short amount of time we have on this planet, might find them and take something useful away on their own voyages.

So far, I’ve been to 17 countries, and most US states. I have written, or will be writing, guides for most of these countries, and some of the states as well.

I’ve replicated this post as its own page called Travel Guides, which can be accessed by the main page navigation at the side and top.

My old passport on the left, and new on the right. The pages were full so I had to renew early.
My old passport on the left, and new on the right. The pages were full so I had to renew early.

Travel Guides

Below are the guides that I have either written or will write. Those with links are already created, and those without are coming soon.

Agra, India

Budapest, Hungary

Copenhagen, Denmark

Dublin, Ireland

Gibraltar, UK

Istanbul, Turkey

London, UK

Malaga, Spain

Marrakech, Morocco

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Moroccan Roadtrip

Munich, Germany

New Delhi, India

Romania (Part 1)

Romania (Part 2)

Taipei, Taiwan

Vienna, Austria

Boston, Massachusetts

Chicago, Illinois

New Orleans, Louisiana

Southwestern Maine

Countries I’ve traveled to but will not be creating guides for unless requested: Canada, Mexico, Philippines. Same goes for any US states not listed above.

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Business Travel Series- Romania Part 1- Cluj- Napoca


I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Romania twice on business, with both trips lasting a week. On the first trip, I spent time touring the city of Cluj-Napoca and the area immediately around it (where I was visiting for work), and on the second trip I rented a car and decided to see more of the country. This blog post is going to be about the Cluj portion of the trip.

I didn’t know a lot about Romania before my first trip. I understood the country was still recovering from their years under Communist rule, and that their economy was still growing. I had heard the countryside was stunning (I remembered reading that a lot of the scenic shots in Cold Mountain were filmed there), the food good, and the culture varied. Other than that, I assumed there’d be some combination of gypsies and vampires (for the record: saw gypsies, but no vampires). Continue reading

Scarves from Around the World

Scarves from Around the World

Like most travelers, I have specific mementos I collect from my trips. My main collection is shot glasses (I have over a hundred), and secondarily I always look for a “unique” memento (something I can wear, like jewelry, or something for around the house that isn’t too tacky). Along the way, I started noticing a new pattern in my collections: scarves. Continue reading