June RCC Goals

CatGoalsWatchBirdWbI meant to put my RCC goals up earlier, but technically it IS still the first, right? 😉

I’ll keep this simple, since my propensity to over-complicate things is unusually strong today:

  1. Finish final edits on The Storm and the Darkness (publish in July).
  2. Promote the heck out of it pre-release.
  3. Prepare (as yet untitled) House of Crimson and Clover Book 6 outline before July NaNoWriMo.
  4. Actively participate in the blog tour hosting program I signed up for.
  5. Start making my daily exercise a priority that is equal to writing (my new Nike+ FuelBand should help). Gotta work out the body with the mind.

In terms of progress, I actually did accomplish quite a bit in May. I shipped The Storm and the Darkness off to the betas, worked on some author marketing (FB page has 1300 fans now), fleshed out some more of books 3-5, and posted quite a bit more of my writing online than I ever had in the past (which was a huge comfort zone stretch for me).

Most importantly- I landed my dream job. I started at the end of May and I am STOKED about it. So my biggest goal of all for June will be to try to balance my new job with all my other goals. But I’m a) a redhead b) a stubborn Irishwoman c) a Leo and d) resourceful, so I know I can do it.

House of Crimson and Clover Updates

Do you ever have one of those weeks where it feels like you’ve conquered the world, and yet accomplished nothing remarkably tangible? That was me this week.

I was in a bit of writing limbo to begin with. The Storm and the Darkness (book 2) is in the hands of my betas, so I’m waiting patiently for their feedback. I won’t have my cover until next week, so I can’t get a jump on some of the early marketing. Continue reading

Apologies & Updates

65670_341343435988298_110976812_nI know I’ve been conspicuously absent from WP for a couple of weeks. Most of what you’ve seen from me have been posts I scheduled a few weeks ago. I’ve been trying to really focus and buckle down on finishing edits for The Storm and the Darkness, and all my spare time has been going to that. On top of that, I’ve had a lot of other personal stuff crop up (all good stuff, don’t worry), and between those two things I’ve found myself with a lot less time on my hands. I used to be able to squeeze in time to catch about 70% of the posts in my Reader, and now I’m averaging 5-10%. I am not exaggerating when I say it pains me to fall behind on all your news. (This goes double for my RCC friends!)

On top of that, I’m looking into going back to school full time in the evenings to finish my degree. So I’ll need to figure out a way to juggle work + school + writing + blogging + everything else. I’m still not sure how I am going to do it, but I WILL, because I am nothing if not resourceful, and you should always make time for the things and people you care about.

So, for the good news…some updates!

  1. I am ALMOST DONE with my pre-beta edits for The Storm and the Darkness. HUZZAH! This has been a long time coming, and took a tremendous amount of discipline to buckle down and do it. I won’t bore you with the editing details, but I project I am about a week out from sending it to my lovely beta readers 🙂

  2. I had an exciting meeting with my book cover artist and I am THRILLED to work with him again. He did excellent work for St. Charles at Dusk and I can’t wait to see what he does for The Storm and the Darkness. He’s also going to help me jazz up the overall series branding so it matches the individual books. I should have the cover by June 1st!

  3. My Guest Author Program got off the ground on May 1st, and I’ve featured eight different authors so far (and hopefully giving them some helpful marketing).

  4. My Facebook site for The House of Crimson and Clover is up to almost 600 fans. I’ve been offering 5 free copies of St. Charles at Dusk for every 100 new fans (and still am, until we hit 1k), and I’ve given away 15 so far.

  5. I’ve also been a part of several other author giveaways, and have given away an additional 15 copies of my book in different places. Most of the winners (in both cases) have offered to review my book once finished, so even if a couple do, that will help boost my rating on Amazon.

  6. My aunt helped arrange a local bookstore in my hometown to start carrying St. Charles at Dusk in their store. This will be the first physical location that my books have been sold in, so this is a big milestone for me.

  7. Finished some of the fun media extras I wanted to do, like a playlist for Dusk, etc.

So, for my lack of attention to everyone: I sincerely apologize! I still love you guys a ton, and I’ll be posting and commenting more often again. Once my book is off to the betas, that should clear up a little of my free time to spend on my favorite community 🙂