My Gifts to my Characters

Book HeartAs authors, we cannot help but leave a piece of ourselves behind in our characters. While each of my characters are wholly unique, I give each of them a part of me. Both the good and the bad.

While I have a large cast of characters, those below are the ones who have been given a chance to speak through their own, unique POV in my stories.

To Adrienne Deschanel, I gave my ability to see the world with wonder and potential, and my unintentionally selfish consumption of it

To Aidrik The Wise, I gave my unfailing pragmatism, and my lifelong search for a way to marry my faith and my reason

To Alex Whitman, I gave my desire to save others from their bad decisions, and my perseverance on seeing a task through to completion

To Anasofiya Deschanel, I gave my tragic sense of self-punishment, but also my deep-seated need to protect others

To Anne Fontaine-Deschanel, I gave my ability to find courage and trudge forth into the unknown, and my resolve to push through unspeakable odds

To Augustus Deschanel, I gave my need to see things done correctly, and my unbecoming intolerance of stupidity

To Finnegan St. Andrews, I gave my desire and ability to see the best in others, and my commitment to diplomacy

To Jonathan St. Andrews, I gave my sometimes paralyzing fear of social situations, and my profound need for structure

To Mercy, I gave my stubborn insistence on always staying the course, and my strong belief that one should stay true to themself, despite the opposition

To Nicolas Deschanel, I gave my prolific love of the “f” word, and my unwillingness to take anyone’s crap for long

To Oz Sullivan, I gave my annoying habit of constantly second-guess myself, and my stubborn tendency to not let things go until there is closure