Sarah’s 10 Point Reviews- “Boardwalk Empire Episode 55: Friendless Child” (TV)


  1. Before even starting this episode, I’m aware I’m still in deep mourning for Chalky (also still in mourning for Omar, The Wire fans. Michael K Williams is a nonstop boss). Also already missing Van Alden’s reminding us WHY MUST IT ALWAYS BE PANDEMONIUM?
  2. “Ive played chess and I’ve never had an opponent try to kill me.”
  3. I’m in the minority of viewers who enjoys the way they’ve woven in the Nucky Origin Flashbacks. It was always fairly obvious what they were building to, but as they inch toward the finish, the effect grows more and more chilling.
  4. Gillian was always a tragic character, but this is the first time my heart physically ached for her. The first time I could look past her myriad sins. Bonus points for the effect the dual haircuts of her youth and middle age had.
  5. Young Nucky, Eli, Gillian are so scarily spot-on, that I could be convinced they were part of a genetic cloning program.
  6. Really enjoying watching the way the crime syndicate was formed. It was an effective background story, to watch them rise, but I find myself wishing Terence Winter would do a spin-off featuring Lansky, Luciano, and Siegel.
  7. I never in a million years expected to say this, but: I’m going to miss Mickey Doyle.
  8. It speaks to the power of the storytelling of this show that I am able to both loathe Nucky and still want to see him come out on top.
  9. I’m still banking on Nucky’s fate being decided by Gillian’s revenge, rather than a rogue execution by Luciano & Co. Which would be an excellent way to bring the series, and Nucky’s rise and fall, full circle as it concludes.
  10. Is this really the penultimate episode? I’m still in denial. Then again, they’ve killed off everyone I ever loved, so I suppose it’s time.

Overall Score: A- 

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