Sarah’s 10 Point Reviews- “Boardwalk Empire Series Finale: Eldorado” (TV)


  1. I will miss, most of all, the sweeping, evocative cinematography. There’s never been anything else quite like it on TV, and I say this as a girl who was obsessed with shows like Rome and Spartacus.
  2. The little girls singing before pedophiliac Commodore took the creepiness factor to twelve.
  3. Capone, on the eve of his downfall: “You think Marlene Dietrich is a dyke?” Never change, Al.
  4. Luciano’s expressions alone deserve an award. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the evolution of this character over the series, and ending with the christening of the syndicate was a great stopping point.
  5. Ahhhh, how I adore sassy, intelligent, resourceful Margaret! The sequence with Kennedy was fantastic. “Here’s an experiment for you. Think about the things you want in life, then picture yourself in a dress.” My only regret is getting cheated out of a whole season of her with Rothstein.
  6. Speaking of Margaret, her final scene with Nucky was exactly as I would have wanted it, illustrative of the subtle sentiment and care they maintained for one another, and an acknowledgement that neither were innocent in all that transpired.
  7. Serious kudos to Stephen Graham for the range he brought to Capone over the series. From the tenderness of fatherhood to the erratic showmanship which defined him publicly. Perfectly captured.
  8. Everyone kept saying that kid was Tommy Darmody and I kept saying, “nope.” Alright, then. I suppose I can accept a bit of retcon to age him another 5 years in order to make this feasible.
  9. The tragedy of Gillian and Nucky is laced together so perfectly in the final sequances. There’s nothing I could say to do it the proper justice. Just… perfection. The alpha, and the omega. *Slow, tearful clap*
  10. As a writer, I can fully appreciate the care that went into the storytelling for this season. This will go down as one of my favorite series finales of all time (also on the list: Six Feet Under, Spartacus).

    Overall Score: A+
    Season Score: A-
    Series Score: B

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