RED HOT HOLIDAYS | 17 ALL NEW Holiday Stories to Spice Up The Season!

Forget shopping. Forget wrapping. Spend the holidays with these 17 gorgeous alpha males.

They have something they’d like to put in your stockings, because they’re definitely on Santa’s naughty list in these 17 all-new stories.

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About the Book:

NYT, USA Today, and top-selling authors have banded together to bring you 17 all-new, sweet to sexy books about love, romance, and the holidays.

Take a break and rip open this boxed set to cuddle up with these romantic comedy, paranormal romance, and contemporary romance books. These authors have pulled out all the stops, bringing back some of your favorite characters from their bestselling series for one more bite at the fruitcake or penning stories about new characters and new love!

For a limited time, you can pick up all 17 of these naughty men for a really great price! Over 1000 pages of love, laughter, and romance! From billionaires and filthy rich rock stars to undercover police and bear shifters, we’ve gathered all 17 passionate stories in one big box with a bow on top. This heart-pounding collection is filled with confident, sexy, and romantic men you’ll want to spend the holidays with.


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Stories Included Are:

Perfectly Kissed ~ Lacey Silks Mistletoes, sneaky best friend and an old lady, coerce best friends and former lovers, Millie and Dave, to reunite for Christmas Holidays.

Montreux ~ Blair Babylon Wulf von Hannover and Rae Stone are about to marry in Montreux, but Wulf’s aristocratic father makes one last attempt to derail the wedding.

Home Bound ~ Olivia Rigal and Shannon Macallan Trapped by a storm, a voluptuous architect and a sexy TV news reporter melt the ice by a roaring fire.

A Band of Heather ~ Sarah M. Cradit Colleen and Noah belong to two very different worlds, but a band of heather changes their lives forever.

Christmas on the Run ~ Daizie Draper Wannabe rock star Tristan runs from a dangerous bookie and falls for the girl he’s only using as his perfect escape.

Noel: A Blue Collar Christmas ~ J.C. Valentine Nurse Noel Walker doesn’t date patients, but Officer Hunter Davis won’t give up until he slaps the cuffs on.

Black Christmas ~ JC Andrijeski Quintin Black vanishes, leaving Miri alone after a harrowing ordeal in Thailand. Will she forgive him in time for Christmas?

Winter Tryst ~ Mira Bailee One destroyed marriage. Two broken hearts. When Sean visits Lyla to say goodbye, winter’s magic forces the lovers to face the painful truth.

Give and Take ~ Daisy Prescott You never know who will show up at the Sip ’n Stroll in Langley. Someone’s pregnant. Someone’s engaged. And someone’s getting a puppy.

Slow and Steady ~ V. J. Chambers When danger interrupts Christmas shopping, Leigh and her husband Griffin sizzle.

Take Me Home ~ Alison Foster All my Christmas wishes were snatched away by an evil brute. What can you do when the man you hate most makes your mouth water?

Bearfield Snowed In ~ Jacqueline Sweet A hunter tracking her prey finds herself snowed in with a sexy shifter. Is he her mortal enemy or her fated mate?

My Cowboy Soldier ~ Gillian Cherry Holidays draw lovers and families together, except when war tears them apart.

A Cub for Christmas ~ Ella Dominguez This May-December romance burns up the pages when Aricelli realizes that unwrapping her Christmas package is only half the fun.

Rosy Cheeks ~ Amity Wilde Good things sometimes come in unlikely packages. When an online flirt stumbles into Karen’s very real life, he might be just what she needs.

A Beary Merry Christmas ~ Jazzmyn Wolfe After a season of frustration and pain, will curvy Kassandra and Brendan finally have a beary merry Christmas?

Alec’s First Christmas ~ Felicia Tatum Daphne and Zander welcomed their baby Alec, and his first Christmas has magical surprises.

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This Would Have Been Our Song! by Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba



Would Have Been Our Song! Catchy tunes and dancers’ tales
By Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba
Series – Coulda
Woulda Shoulda Song Series – #2
Contemporary Romance
Publication Date – January 18, 2014
Marcus, Greg and Lucia are back in the second part of their journey to their perfect love song… will they finally find it?
Book Two:
This would have been
their perfect love song…
It has been two years since Lucia Mpobo-Riddell has
made her choice between the two men in her life. She and her beloved would have
been perfectly happy if it wasn’t for… the constant distractions from her past,
her sister Noor’s complicated life, her own doubts and fears. Maybe there
wasn’t such a thing as perfection and this was a lesson that Lucia was going to
learn the hard way.
Greg McMullen and
Marcus Grant’s lives had been affected by Lucia’s choice that day in Glasgow
two years ago. Since then one had been fighting to keep her when the other had
been relentlessly trying to get her back. It soon became apparent to them that
she wasn’t the Lucia they met and fell in love with anymore. Her life and
priorities had completely shifted. To even consider keeping her or just getting
her back, they would have to accept it or they would have to let her go. But
would they ever be able to do either?
More online stores to come soon
Marcus – As Doddy Grant always says,
carry on my wayward sons!
 (R rated)
slowly take Lucia lips before deepening the kiss… so deep I’m not even sure how
we’re breathing. But here we are in my bedroom, always in my bedroom, wrestling
each over clothes off. I’ve missed her so much; I haven’t seen her in days. I
push her on the bed but she takes me with her in her fall. “Naughty boy!
Raising your lovely hand on a 
defenseless woman…” she whispers in my ear and
licks it.
I’m melting and getting so
hard at the same time. I didn’t even know it was possible. “Temptress, you’re a
lot of thing but you’re never 
defenseless. Right now you’re killing me,” I moan
back. I hungrily start on her perfect luscious breasts before taking care of
the rest of her. Her hands are scratching my back when they’re not pulling my
hair. “I love you so much,” I let out against her mouth and she locks her legs
around me.
“You’re all talk, talk, talk…
Prove it, Mercutio,” she grins back looking straight into my eyes. She
masterfully wiggles and somehow I’m inside her, “That’s better.”
“Luce, are you for real,” I
moan and start moving.
“You…tell…me,” she
groans.  We move faster, deeper, in pure
ecstasy but Temptress has decided to test my endurance.
“Luce, please,” I beg, sweat
dripping from my forehead.
“It’s completely up to you,”
she laughs back. She softly, tenderly, slowly kisses me and we come together.
“I’m dreaming again, am I?” I
ask her out of breath still in my own daze.
She straddles me, her long
straightened hair covering her breasts, “What do you think?”

I’m thinking that Lucia is
wearing her hair short and curly right now. I’m thinking– “I don’t care!” I
lean up and bring her even closer. “As far as I’m concerned you’re here right
now with me.”
It’s all about the catchy tunes…


Book One is still…

Love can be such a “coulda,
woulda, shoulda” song sometimes…
When Lucia Mpobo-Riddell met Marcus Grant they
instantly clicked. Like Fate intervened. Lucia soon discovered that it was
Betrayal instead. But now whether they liked it or not they had to work
together. But maybe things could still work out between them… All things
considered, this could have been one heck of a love song!
The Author

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