A to Z Blogging Challenge: Week 1 Recap

A2Z-2013-BADGE-001Small_zps669396f9In case you missed any of my A to Z Challenge posts from Week 1, here you go!

So far I’m enjoying this more even than I thought I would. It’s forcing me to think about choosing topics in a different way, and, in doing so, I’ve introduced some fun posts related to my books. Writers find inspiration in such a variety of unexpected ways!

Next week should be interesting…I have “G” in the bag, but what the heck alphabet? Putting “I, J, and K” sequentially is uncool. Maybe I’ll redeem myself with “L.”

C is for Cutting Room Floor (And You Thought Your Writing Was Bad)

images (4)Editing is tedious, backbreaking, thankless work. Copy editing is bad enough…going back to fix those glaring (and sometimes not so glaring) grammar and spelling faux pas…and running through each detail with your fact-checking comb isn’t much better…but that’s nothing compared to making the painful, and often necessary, decision of taking out passages or characters that you love, but are just not right for the story.

But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about all the superbly shittastic stuff you wrote that you had no business writing in the first place. This is about the passages that are so horrifying, so absolutely irredeemable, that after deleting them you also downloaded a hard drive cleaner to purge them from this earth, and memory, for all of time. Continue reading