What I’m Working On


From time to time, I like to check in and let readers know what I’m working on.

In somewhat random, somewhat relevant order:

  1. The Secrets Amongst the Cypress (House of Crimson & Clover Volume 8)– The first draft is complete, and I’m preparing to jump in for the next phase, which includes a lot of edits and rewrites. The cover reveal for the book is coming on July 31 (as well as the pre-order links), and it releases October 25th. The story involves Jacob and Amelia’s travel back to nineteenth century Louisiana.
  2. Text Message Serials– My co-writing murder mystery series/serial with Becket has one book complete (The Bee in the Golden Spiral) and a second in development. We will be announcing our publishing plans for this in the not-too-distant future, so stay tuned!
  3. The Last Dryad (The Complex)– A novella part of the broader multi-author sci-fi project set in a shared universe, The Complex. More details to come soon!
  4. Lagniappes Volume II– The second collection of Crimson & Clover short stories, to include Pandora’s Box, The Menagerie, and A Band of Heather. Also will include Banshee and The Ephemeral, which have not previously been published as individual titles.
  5. Untitled Series– I’m also working on a sort-of-top-secret brand new series that combines historical fiction and vampires.
  6. Within the Garden of Twilight (House of Crimson & Clover Volume 9)– Planning is underway for the 9th volume in the series, which is tentatively scheduled to release in March of 2017.

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