How I Doubled My Annual Kobo Sales in 2015

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NYT bestselling author Cristin Harber recently blogged about her efforts over the last year to expand retailer market share at Kobo. We loved the story and her helpful tips, and were thrilled when she agreed to let us share the post here. To read more posts by Cristin outlining “Actionable Ideas for Indies,” go to The Next Level Author.

By Cristin Harber

One of my 2015 goals was to rely less on Amazon. They owned over 75% of my market share in 2014, and I wasn’t comfortable with that. So I prioritized Kobo and iBooks for 2015, drafting two distinct marketing plans. Basically, I needed to make the sales needle move substantially without a scary financial investment.

Below is a global, pictorial representation of my Kobo 2014 year to date sales, which were earned organically. Other than posting Kobo buy links and running (without a good ROI) Facebook ads…

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