Farewell 2015… Hello 2016!

VolumesIthruIV-3D-260x2842015 was a crazy, exciting, tumultuous, eventful, wonderful year. Looking back, I’m thrilled at the results, and looking forward to an even more eventful 2016.

Here are some of 2015’s highlights:

  • Hit the USA Today Bestseller’s list for the first time- twice!
  • Participated in the Anne Rice Undead Con in NOLA as a panelist for the second year in a row.
  • Wrote and published a total of EIGHT new titles (2 full lengths, 6 shorts). Among them were Volumes V and VI of The House of Crimson & Clover, Empire of Shadows and Myths of Midwinter.
  • The Storm and the Darkness was featured as a favorite title on the Dinner Party Show by Christopher Rice.
  • Participated in several great multi-author boxed sets with other wonderful authors.
  • Released two boxed sets of my own work: Volumes I-IV and Lagniappes Volume 1 (collection of shorts).
  • I set aggressive business goals for myself for 2015. I hit those goal in November, and have since been exceeding them.

As the year comes to a close, I wanted to share with readers what they can expect in 2016. You can always find the most up-to-date info on these projects (and others) on my website.


The House of Crimson & Clover

Volume VII of The House of Crimson & Clover: The Hinterland Veil
The Hinterland Veil brings readers back to the story of Finn and Ana, as they both work toward reuniting after the events of Empire of Shadows. Readers also get a lot more of Aleksandr, who is quickly growing into a man and finding his own way in the world. Coming March 2016.

Volume VIII of The House of Crimson & Clover: The Secrets Amongst the Cypress
The Secrets Amongst the Cypress picks up both where Empire of Shadows and The Hinterland Veil left off. Specifically some answers around where we left Jacob and Amelia. Estimated Fall 2016.

Secret House of Crimson & Clover Project
There’s not much I can say here without a major spoiler, but fans of the series will be clamoring for this one!

More Short Stories
This includes new shorts, as well as publishing shorts previously only available in boxed sets, such as The Menagerie (my Crimson & Clover erotica), and A Band of Heather (the Colleen and Noah Christmas short).

More Multi-Author Boxed Sets
I love the comradery of working with other authors, and also the opportunity to gain exposure with new readers. Expect to see me in several more of these in 2016.


Other Projects

Collaboration with Another Fantastic Author on a New Series
What I can tell you is this: we’re working on not just a single book, but a series. Think thriller, with murder mystery wrapped in. The other author is one of my favorites and our collaborations so far on this have been fantastic. I wish I could say more, but we aren’t ready yet to announce!

Sci-Fi Novella as Part of Multi-Author Sci Fi Project “The Complex”
35 authors, including myself, are coming together to provide novellas in a shared sci-fi world, known as The Complex. All stories in this collection will be released individually on December 10, 2016. You can follow more news here: http://thecomplex.info/

New Horror Novella: Innocuous
Horror has always been, and still is, one of my favorite genres. It was about time I started dipping my feet in as a writer, and Innocuous will be my first effort. I haven’t set a publication date yet, but I have started the pre-work.


Is that all for 2016? Maybe. Who knows! That’s the beauty of the creative brain… you never know where it might take you. The above list keeps me on target and disciplined, but if a new project comes across my desk, one that inspires me, I may find myself making time for it. Stay tuned!

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