Surrender by Sarah M. Cradit

An awesome review of on my short stories, Surrender, from Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock!

surrenderAt sixteen, Anasofiya Deschanel is terrified at the notion of sharing herself with anyone. Rather than face that fear, she hides behind her books and imagination, where her heart feels safe.

Secretly, Oz Sullivan’s heart has always belonged to Ana. Fearful of scaring her, he chooses instead to pursue girls who are nothing like him, leaving him empty and unfulfilled.

Circumstances find them miserable at their junior prom, after problems with their respective dates. Ana and Oz must decide if they’re willing to surrender their fears, and leap forward into the unknown.

Dive into this Crimson and Clover Lagniappe, and indulge in this flashback story of first love.

(Note: This story was originally published as part of the All Our Love Anthology by Novel Grounds)


This is the short story of one night between Oz and Ana. Oz, Ana, and Nicholas have been the three amigos forever, as long as…

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