Sarah’s 10 Point Reviews- “Homeland S4 Ep 4: Iron in the Fire” (TV)


  1. Apparently Carrie’s latest target is Dave Grohl’s Pakistani brother.
  2. Even though they’ve been telegraphing it for a while, I really hope they aren’t trying to sell a Quinn/Carrie union. Quinn deserves better!
  3. The role reversal with Saul and Carrie is complicated. Not sure what to make of it yet. As ever, he is like reading a rock.
  4. Fara is the moral compass of the CIA. If she gets killed in the line of duty, I will nerd rage. Which means that is probably exactly what will happen.
  5. As frustrating as Carrie is to watch, I never cease to be amazed at how fast the hamsters in her brain work to calculate the next move.
  6. Carrie’s foil is a total tool. No, he’s the entire toolshed. Even this civilian knows you can’t succeed with dissension in the ranks.
  7. Saul’s subtle Grizzly Adams charm manages to work in entirely inexplicable ways.
  8. That seemed like genuine empathy from Carrie, when the kid came to see her distraught. Then again, she is always playing long game.
  9. Dear Ambassador’s Husband: IT’S A TRAP!
  10. The real terrorist of Homeland is Carrie’s vagina. Damn girl.

Overall Score: B

I read. I watch original cable shows. I take in a movie from time to time. And most of what I absorb can be described in ten bullet points. Thus, Sarah’s 10 Point Reviews was born. You’ll find no rhyme or reason to what and when I review something. My motivations tend to as random as my reviews. You’re welcome to add your own ten bullets in the comments, if the mood strikes. Enjoy!

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