Now Available! BEYOND EVENTIDE: BOUND (Book 2.5)


BEYOND EVENTIDE: BOUND is Now Available! Book 2.5, and the sixth overall release in the highly rated House of Crimson & Clover series, is now available across most major retailers.


Ana, Finn, and Aidrik are forever bound. By love, promises, and the undeniable threads of fate.

Itunes: Coming Soon!
Diesel: Coming soon!

Day one reviews are already rolling in….

“This series just keeps getting better and better, and I just can’t seem to get enough!”

 “I read it in one sitting and want MORE! I love this series more than I ever thought possible and absolutely can’t wait for the next installment.”

“I really enjoyed this paronormal/fantasy, the originality of the story line and learning more of each.”

“It was hard to give this five stars…not because it wasn’t good, but because I wanted more.”

“You definitely need to read this story…”


Light in a forest with fog way in deep forest Night, Moon And Dark Fortress Light in a forest with fog Light in a forest with fog Night, Moon And Dark Fortress

5 thoughts on “Now Available! BEYOND EVENTIDE: BOUND (Book 2.5)

  1. Reblogged this on S.K. Nicholls and commented:
    The novella you’ve been waiting for is here! Sarah Cradit’s exciting and alluring paranormal romance series is moving full speed ahead with “Bound” Get your copy today 🙂

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