Guest Author: Season Vining

Please welcome contemporary romance author Season Vining. Her novel Beautiful Addictions is available from St. Martin’s Press. Check out what she has to say about writing, editing, and her publishing experiences.

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Season Vining

SeasonHeadshotTell us your name, and a link to where we can find you (blog, Facebook, etc).

Season Vining


How many books have you written? This can include both published and unpublished works. Describe each of them in 1-2 sentences apiece (if published, feel free to include the links as well).

Beautiful Addictions

When Josie disappeared years ago, she took a piece of Tristan with her.  Now a twist of fate has brought them back together, but reentering her life puts them both in danger.


Tell me a little bit about your current WIP.

My current WIP features a nameless bounty hunter, a privileged girl on the run, and a flirty obsession with 80’s movies.


teaser1What does writing preparation look like for you? Do you do full outlines and character profiles, or do you just start with a general idea and write?

I am definitely NOT an outliner. Sometimes I’ll make a list of characters, but that’s about as organized as I get. My stories usually start with an imagined character or two and go from there. Somehow the plots just piece themselves together.


Editing is a challenge for many writers. Give us some of your tips for editing efficiently and well.

I won’t pretend to be an expert at editing. The best advice I can give is to read your work out loud. Listen to the rhythm of your sentences and look for unnecessary words.


Research is another challenge writers face, but is an important part of the writing process. What are some of your research tips?

Use the internet to its full capability. Follow the rabbit hole through search results. There’s no telling where you’ll end up and what you’ll find. Always talk to people about what you’re writing. You’ll be surprised at what friends and family know.


BAcoverFINALIf you have been published (self or traditionally), what type of marketing did you find worked the best for you? What was the least helpful?

I’m lucky enough to have St. Martin’s Press behind me. They’ve been invaluable with finding marketing opportunities. My favorite form of marketing is reaching out to bloggers. This is a fantastic group of people who are passionate about reading and most are excited to help authors on their journey. I don’t find much value in book trailers. To be honest, most are not done well and could turn people off from a good book.


What genre do you write in? What are some of the challenges to writing this particular genre well?

I write contemporary romance suspense. St. Martin’s calls it New Adult. My stories can fit into many genres and I like having that versatility. The hardest thing about writing in this genre is making sure your story, plot, and characters are original. You don’t want to regurgitate a love story told again and again. You want to be fresh and offer new ideas about your genre.


What advice would you give to a writer who is starting out?

Work on your craft. There is always more to learn. Don’t fret about author platforms, marketing, querying, or any of that until your manuscript is as good as it can be. Your work is the most important part of being a writer, not your popularity.


WomensShirtFnB_NewWhat are your writing, editing, marketing, and research goals for 2014?

I’m finishing up my second book now and will turn that in to my editor soon. Then, I’ll get to work on book three. I’ve got a rough draft done, but it’s short. I need to work out some major plot points and research some sneaky criminal activities.


Pretend I am from a publishing house and you are looking for me to take on one of your books. Pitch it to me in 1-2 paragraphs.

Josie Banks lives a solitary existence in San Diego, surrounded only by the pencil-sketched faces of her nightmares. She’s a damaged girl who medicates with graffiti, nameless sexual partners and numbing drugs. Until she meets Tristan Fallbrook. He is a beautiful stranger who recognizes her from childhood and explains that he once mourned her. As the relationship evolves they struggle through Josie’s emotional scars and Tristan’s desire to heal her.

Mob boss and Tristan’s former employer, Dean Moloney, wants Josie dead. He sends his best man to do the job. The assassin’s torturous methods pay off and he is closing in fast on this ghost of a girl. The couple must sift through Josie’s lost memories and Tristan’s unsavory associates to piece together their past before their future is extinguished.

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