www.sarahmcradit.com is LIVE!

Many, many months after I should have, I finally purchased hosting for sarahmcradit.com. This will be my permanent home on the web, for all things Sarah, and all things House of Crimson & Clover.

Nothing will change with the blog page you’re now reading. It will simply become an extension of my sarahmcradit.com. The difference is the blog will be where I post, and the page will house permanent content.

I’ve been diligently getting new content up on the site. I’ve wanted, for a long time, to have a place to house the official news for the series, bonus content, and any other information readers of the series might seek out. I’m still loading all my bonus content, but, for now, here’s what you can find:

genealogy button ophelie button finnledger button ozshouse button summerisland


You’ll also find official news about The House of Crimson & Clover, information about my author group, Dauntless Indies, and my fan club, The Secret Society of the Crimson & Clover Fleur de Lis, among other things.

If you’ve navigating from the main page of my blog, the top left will contain a direct link to my website. But feel free to click below, as well, to navigate there now.


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