Beyond Dusk: Anne…A Crimson and Clover Novelette

One of the things I hear from time to time is that readers are interested in learning more about some of the secondary characters in the series. As none of these characters are people I planned to do much with, it caused a bit of a quandary for me.

How could I give loyal readers some additional color, while still being true to the series? I started watching some of my fellow authors playing around in the short story/novelette space, and that’s when the idea came to me: why not create companion novelettes for the series? And thus, the “Beyond Crimson and Clover” series has been born.

The first in this series of novelettes will be Beyond Dusk: Anne, and it is meant to accompany St. Charles at Dusk. Beyond Darkness: Carla and Lionel will follow the tragic, fatal love story of Carla Edgewater and Lionel Shepherd from The Storm and the Darkness.

Each of the primary books in the series will have a companion novelette, and they will be available in ebook for .99

Beyond Dusk: Anne


Following the death of her dominating mother, Anne Fontaine decides to leave the bayou to reconnect with her estranged half-sister, Adrienne Deschanel. Her hope is to forge a relationship with Adrienne that was not possible when her mother was alive. Secretly, she also hopes to find out if her extraordinary supernatural talents are shared by anyone else.

When Nicolas Deschanel gets wind of Anne’s presence, he suspects that she is one of many con artists after his sister’s money. Not knowing that her story is true, he engages in a game of cat-and-mouse with her, deciding to have a little fun.

Eventually, circumstances find both of them back at the Deschanel family seat, Ophélie, where secrets and stories come to life.

I am estimating September for the release date. You can add it to your Goodreads TBR here.


9 thoughts on “Beyond Dusk: Anne…A Crimson and Clover Novelette

  1. I have complete faith that you can write a proper short story 🙂 This idea of writing about the secondary characters in short form is wonderful. I will be in that long line eagerly awaiting each one 🙂

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