An Interview with Trinity, From the Legends of Windemere

Please join me in welcoming Nyx, Queen of the Chaos Elves in Charles Yallowitz’ upcoming novel, Prodigy of Rainbow Tower. If you are not already familiar with this awesome fantasy author’s work, make sure to visit him at The Legends of Windemere site, immediately following your enjoyment of this awesome interview.

Also, don’t forget to add Prodigy of Rainbow Tower to your Goodreads TBR list!

An Interview with Trinity

In honor of Prodigy of Rainbow Tower debuting at the end of July, I’m opening the floor to one of the new characters.  I already did an interview for Nyx, so we’re going to get to know her sinister rival this time.

Trinity is the Queen of the Chaos Elves, who used to mischievous troublemakers until they abruptly became assassins.  She is a very powerful spellcaster with enough magic to rival Nyx.  Her power is increased by the three enhancer games, one in her forehead and one in each palm.  Unlike Nyx, Trinity doesn’t have a favorite spell category, so she is very versatile and unpredictable.  She loves puzzles and challenges, which can get her into trouble and make her disobey orders.

Sit back and enjoy the questions, which were gathered from the audience:

Interviewer: What would you do if one morning you woke up in Nyx body and you know for sure she was in yours? (Powers are swapped as well of course!)

Trinity: Well, the powers are the same really. We both do magic with the same level of power. That means all my tricks will still be at my disposal.

Nyx: Am I allowed to say what I would do?

Trinity: Nope. This is my interview, so you’re going to have to sit and stew. I would cause so much trouble in her body. Burn some buildings down, enchant things to attack people, and probably have her sleep around with unsavory characters. Really drive her reputation into the ground.

Nyx: You wouldn’t try to corrupt me or kill me?

Trinity: I’m going under the assumption that one day I will wake up in my old body. So, corrupting you would put you on my side, which my master could see as me becoming obsolete. I’d rather have you as a rival than an ally, sweetie. As for killing you, I would be killing myself, so that’s just short-sighted.

Interviewer: Do you know what your name means? Is there any background story of how/why you received the name Trinity?

Also, as a freedom lover myself: Do you have any magic freedom spells to offer?

Trinity: I believe my name means three or a union of three or something like that. I was given the name because of my enhancer gems. I have one in my forehead and one in each palm. The sages knew I would have them because I was born with scars in those areas.

Nyx: You were born with scars?

Trinity: If a world of magic that confuses you? You set your crib on fire as an infant, so I don’t want any strange looks from you.

Nyx: Fair enough.

Trinity: I do know a few escape spells if that’s what you mean by magic freedom spells. Teleportation is dangers even for someone of my power, so I use shifting spells and invisibility to get out of trouble. I’m very skilled and shape-shifting spells too.


3 thoughts on “An Interview with Trinity, From the Legends of Windemere

  1. I scratch your back and you will scratch mine – the shortest impression after reading too many of such interviews. Sorry Guys, I love you, but must say it.

    1. Of course. That’s what marketing and networking is all about. We don’t have big publicists behind us pimping us to all the major outlets. I will happily, and always, help other author get their name and work out to the public.

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