An Interview with Nyx, From the Legends of Windemere

Please join me in welcoming Nyx, a powerful half-elven and the star of Charles Yallowitz’ upcoming novel, Prodigy of Rainbow Tower. If you are not already familiar with this awesome fantasy author’s work, make sure to visit him at The Legends of Windemere site, immediately following your enjoyment of this awesome interview.

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An Interview with Nyx

Book 2 Final Flat
Cover Artist: Jason Pederson

Nyx is the major hero introduced in my up-coming second book Legends of Windemere: Prodigy of Rainbow Tower.  This half-elven woman is a powerful spellcaster, who was trained by her adopted parents.  Her magic is very potent and, unlike other casters, she doesn’t need incantations, wands, ingredients, or gestures to cast magic.  She does point, but that’s more for aiming and old habits.  There are downsides to this power, which she can either explain or try to avoid explaining.  Nyx has a temper, a slight self-esteem problem when with Sari, and can drink an ogre under the table.  Hand-to-hand isn’t her thing, but she is able to bar brawl with the best of them.  These are several questions submitted for this interview, which includes a few guests:

Interviewer: What sort of powers do you have Nyx, besides blowing wholes in tavern walls?

Nyx: Just my magic. Not sure what else I would need. Kind of hard to top learning to cast a fireball surrounded by a lightning bolt while hovering a hundred feet in the air.

Sari: She can sing!

Nyx: That’s not a power. It’s a talent and not one that I get to use that often.

Trinity: She’s got a pretty good punch too.

Nyx: Again, not a power. Who invited my arch-enemy to this?

Sari: I did. I thought it would be fun.

Trinity: I think you’re slated to sit in on my interview, so this is fair. Odd that the boys aren’t here.

Nyx: They couldn’t make it. Came down with a case of magical paralysis. Such bad timing.

Sari: I think we can add casual abuse of magic to Nyx’s powers.

Interviewer: How much practice did it take you before you were able to drink an ogre under a table, or are you just that good at handling your liquor naturally?

Nyx: I’m naturally good, but it did take some practice to drink so much. I’m about five foot four and weigh maybe a hundred pounds. So, it took a while to train myself to handle all that.

Sari: You’re really going this route, aren’t you?

Nyx: What? I did practice a lot to get this good at drinking contests.

Sari: She practiced a spell that prevents her from getting drunk. The spell turns the alcohol into raw magic when it’s in her stomach. Only a few people know this and they’re the ones that bet on her winning.

Trinity: People call me the villain? At least I don’t cheat.

Nyx: It’s only cheating if they call no magic. Besides, I still get a hangover that lasts twice as long as a natural one. So, I don’t get out of it unscathed.

Interviewer: Do you feel that having such power is intimidating to males? I bet you can handle getting hit on in a bar huh? What is the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?

Nyx: Magic is rather gender neutral, so there’s no intimidation factor between males and females. There are issues from other casters. My power makes me stand out and many apprentices took offense to being in the same class as me. It’s the equivalent of the teacher’s pet getting bullied at lunch, but with spells.

Sari: Some guys probably think it’s a turn-on, which is why you get hit on at bars. Then she promptly knocks them through a wall or puts them to sleep.

Nyx: I cushion the impact with wind magic. Let me think about that worst pickup line.

Sari: I’ll get Fritz. *leaves room and comes back with Fritz* Do it. I’ll protect you.

Fritz: Want to go back to my place for some real spell-casting?

Trinity: That’s lame. You’re not trying.

Fritz: I don’t perform on the spot.

Nyx: You’re fine, Fritz. Sari went too far again. *gets magically pinched on the butt* Dammit, Fritz!

*sends Fritz out the door with a wind spell*

Trinity leaning to Sari: That was you, wasn’t it?

Sari: I give the people what they want.

Nyx: Does getting pinched on the butt count as a pickup line?!

Interviewer: Do you get drained when you cast, or does your magic not affect you that way?

Nyx: I have my limits.

Sari: She pretends to get sleepy and hungry, but I think she’s unstoppable.

Trinity: Not true. Nyx and I can reach our limits.

Nyx: In fact, our magic makes is more susceptible to backlash. You see, using aura opens you up to emotions and feelings of those you target. If you aren’t careful, you can get struck by those emotions . . . it makes a mess.

Sari: Hero’s Gate?

Nyx: Hero’s Gate.

Trinity: I love Hero’s Gate. There are other issues with casters like us, but the author is screaming book two spoilers at us.

Interviewer: What was it like, being brought up by two people who weren’t your parents?

Nyx: I was very little when I was brought to Rainbow Tower, so there wasn’t any weirdness. I knew I was adopted fairly quickly because neither of my masters are elven. Willow definitely was more mother than master to me because she gave me my non-magical training. Cyril was my spell master and a stern father. I love them like they’re my birth parents, but I will admit to causing them some grief.

Sari: The fighting or the fires?

Nyx: They have special anti-Nyx defenses in Rainbow Tower, which react to my magic reaching a certain level.

Interviewer: Any final words?

Nyx:  Thank you to Sarah M. Cradit for letting us play on her blog.  Check out her books The House of Crimson and Clover series when you check out Legends of Windemere.

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