FREE Copy of St. Charles at Dusk to Reviewers!

webPromoIn preparation for the release of the second book in The House of Crimson and Clover series, in July, I will be offering a FREE e-book copy of the first book, St. Charles at Dusk, to anyone who is willing to read and give an HONEST review.

I only ask two things:

– That the review is posted before July 1.

– That the review is posted to Amazon, BN, and Goodreads.

If you’re interested in participating, either email me at with the email address where you’d like to receive the file, OR respond with your email in the comments below. The file will be sent via a Smashwords download link, so you’ll be able to choose any format you want.


28 thoughts on “FREE Copy of St. Charles at Dusk to Reviewers!

      1. I bought mine from iTunes (Apple Store), I know I can post a review there and on Amazon. Many other sites won’t let you post a review unless you purchase from them. I think Smashwords is like that and I thought Barnes and Noble was, but I may be wrong. I have never posted a review on a site that I did not buy from, so I really don’t know.

      2. I wish they were all linked. It would be great to have reviews posted in one place appear in all places the book was sold. (Well, if they are good…best be careful what I wish for!)

      3. I heard that with Amazon buying Goodreads that eventually the two review systems will be linked, which should turn out to be a benefit for writers. Not sure when that’s coming though.

        And true! Some reviews you might not want linked all over the internet haha

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