June RCC Goals

CatGoalsWatchBirdWbI meant to put my RCC goals up earlier, but technically it IS still the first, right? 😉

I’ll keep this simple, since my propensity to over-complicate things is unusually strong today:

  1. Finish final edits on The Storm and the Darkness (publish in July).
  2. Promote the heck out of it pre-release.
  3. Prepare (as yet untitled) House of Crimson and Clover Book 6 outline before July NaNoWriMo.
  4. Actively participate in the blog tour hosting program I signed up for.
  5. Start making my daily exercise a priority that is equal to writing (my new Nike+ FuelBand should help). Gotta work out the body with the mind.

In terms of progress, I actually did accomplish quite a bit in May. I shipped The Storm and the Darkness off to the betas, worked on some author marketing (FB page has 1300 fans now), fleshed out some more of books 3-5, and posted quite a bit more of my writing online than I ever had in the past (which was a huge comfort zone stretch for me).

Most importantly- I landed my dream job. I started at the end of May and I am STOKED about it. So my biggest goal of all for June will be to try to balance my new job with all my other goals. But I’m a) a redhead b) a stubborn Irishwoman c) a Leo and d) resourceful, so I know I can do it.

24 thoughts on “June RCC Goals

  1. Good luck with keeping it all together, let us know how the writing is squeezed in when you’ve been to work all day! You live a full life….:)

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