We Took a Walk Down St. Charles at Dusk

An excerpt from St. Charles at Dusk. This is the first time I’ve posted one online that is NOT the prologue. Enjoy 🙂

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This is an excerpt from my first novel in the House of Crimson and Clover series, St. Charles at Dusk

This particular excerpt has special meaning for me as all the visceral descriptions- the sights, sounds, smells- were written from a personal experience I had in New Orleans. I’ll never forget the way the Garden District felt, walking down the Avenue, at dusk. Of all the chapters, this one felt the most real to me.


We took a walk down St. Charles at dusk. We walked the languid streets of the avenue from Seventh to Napoleon amidst the upturned sidewalks and flickering porch lights. A young man was walking his dog and smiled evenly at us just before disappearing into the crumbling wrought iron gates of his St. Charles mansion.

The night was alive around us, from the mosquitoes dancing lazy circles about our heads to the low hum and…

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3 thoughts on “We Took a Walk Down St. Charles at Dusk

  1. I really enjoy your writing, Sarah. I’m so enjoying interacting with you on The Community Storyboard 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m enjoying sharing it in new ways than I have before, and its great to see everyone’s contributions. It feels like a new way to get to know everyone.

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