A Thousand Fans

1000LikesAs an author, there are many moments in our process that mean something to us. Whether it be when we first write “The End,” or we sell our first book, or receive our first review. Hitting a thousand likes on my Facebook fan page feels like the first big step toward building a real fan base for my novels, and I am absolutely giddy.

On the road to a thousand, I launched a giveaway where I handed out over 50 free e-books to new fans. My next goal is 1500, and when we reach that, I will be giving out another 10 copies of St. Charles at Dusk (book 1 in the series). With book 2 coming in July, I’m hoping it helps bring new readers into the series. Here’s a link to the giveaway: House of Crimson and Clover 1500 Fan Giveaway

So, a thousand thanks for the thousand+ people who have supported my writing. I love interacting with you hope we can always stay connected!

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