Sparkle and Fade: The lifelong question of the author (Tuesday Two cents)

If you are a writer, or an aspiring writer, or know a writer…read this. As always, Ionia has excellent advice (and amazing way with words). A must read.

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I keep seeing various forms of the same question being asked on blogs, in forums and personally from authors. Please note, that I did not say INDIE author, I simply said author.


I really am picking on you, and all the other authors out there. Mostly you.

So, this question goes a little something like this:







“I have done everything I can to keep my sales going, but it

seems like they have just fallen off. I have settled into a

pattern of selling very few copies each day. I can’t figure out

where I am going wrong. Has anyone else had this


I would like to dissect these statements and eventual question and offer my take on the situation. So here we go.


So you published a book right? Yep. Good on you! Hours of slaving away behind a computer…

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