W is for Writer

206158_361060320659355_1737173104_nI am a writer. I’ve also been a great many other thing throughout my life, but I’ve never not been a writer.

I started writing when I was seven, and the contents of my imagination both shocked and inspired my parents. Growing up, I was the kid with the imagination. The creative one. The one who excelled in English and Journalism (and even won awards for it), and who read anything she could get her hands on. I was the kid who enjoyed getting reading assignments over the summer. I was the one who wrote short stories that nearly got me expelled.

I wrote my first novel in junior high. It was terrible, but I kept writing. I published my first novel, St. Charles at Dusk, in 2011. Shortly after, the story turned into a series, and I’ve now written five books in The House of Crimson and Clover series. It won’t stop there, either. I love knowing that I have so many more stories to look forward to.

I created this blog to promote my work, but the content has expanded beyond that original intention. I’ve also met many other great writers and, through those friendships, have learned that the best way to be a member of the writing community is to share your experiences with others, in hopes that they might learn you the way you learn from them. The writing community is an ecosystem of writers sharing with other writers, and I’m proud to be a member of it.

I’ve created a Writing Tips page (a replica of this post) that will contain all articles I’ve written related to writing tips, tricks, and experiences that I think are helpful to others. By coming directly to this page, you won’t have to search through the page to find what you need. It’s easily accessible from the top and left navigation menus on the homepage.

In addition to writing articles, I also have established a Guest Author Program, where other writers can be featured and promote their work. Check this page out for details.

Finally, I have a page specific to my NaNoWriMo adventures.


Happy Writing!

Writing Articles

Character Biographies (To Bio or Not to Bio?)

Fictional Genealogies

Fooling the Overachiever Into Submission Using the Scientific Method

Incomplete (You’ve Won NaNoWriMo: Now What?)

Location and Setting

Mitosis (How to Outline When You Suck at Outlining)

Write Badly and Often


18 thoughts on “W is for Writer

      1. I win!

        I’m going to add you into the book I am editing now…the question is…which character. Jon’s ex flame? Town busybody? Mayor’s wife? Choices….

  1. Looking at the writing community as an ecosystem… what a marvelous thought! It truly inspires me, when I wander through the halls of the vast writing community how our ideas can mesh, blend and share with each other… Looking at it as an ecosystem truly is a wondrous thought!

  2. Love your comparison of the writing community as an ecosystem. It is truly the perfect description of its complexities working together in great/strange ways.

  3. Great post, Sarah and nice to hear about your own writing journey. I can really identify with the part about starting to write stories as a child – that’s when I too fell in love with writing and couldn’t (still can’t) understand why everyone didn’t share my passion.

    Really enjoyed your posts. Been great to meet you and I look forward to keeping up with the blog after the challenge.

    Kelly’s Eye – Writing, Music, Life

    1. Thank you so much, Wayne. I understand completely your comment about not understanding how others didn’t share that passion. I remember as a child (and this still happens as an adult) people saying they wished they could write and my answer was always, “You can!” But not everyone sees it that way. I suppose that’s the way I view drawing and other forms of visual art.

      And I’ve enjoyed getting to know you as well…thanks for finding me! 🙂

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