Verifying Ownership of Your WordPress Blog

If you haven’t verified your blog on Google, Bing, and Pinterest, check this out (and if you don’t know what I am talking about, DEFINITELY check it out)

Time to Write

As stated on the support site:

“Some search engines and social sites provide additional tools or features when you verify that you are indeed the owner of a specified URL. In order to do this, you normally need to add a hidden “meta tag” to your page. Since you can’t edit the theme files of your site on, we provide additional tools to make this easier.”

If you haven’t done this step to your blog (like I hadn’t) start here:

However, I thought I would share a couple tips I learned yesterday. The solution wasn’t as intuitive as I had hoped.

For Google.
It is important that you choose “Alternate Methods”, and select “HTML” to get your verification code. The code in the red circle (no you can’t have mine) is what you paste into the google verification code place on your “Dashboard-Tools-Available Tools” spot.  Also, wait…

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