Q is for Quillan Sullivan

527862_10151523147443162_1679150147_nQuillan Sullivan is my main character in my current Camp NaNoWriMo project, Moonlight and Midwinter (Book 5 of the House of Crimson and Clover series). He’s in his mid-twenties, and, like many of the Sullivans, is a lawyer with Sullivan & Associates, one of the most esteemed law firms in New Orleans, comprised mostly of Sullivans for the past hundred years or so. This, however is a terrible career for Quillan, who is impulsive, unreliable, and has yet to grow up. He hardly ever shows up to work, blows off clients, and his behavior is at a point where his Sullivan name is no longer earning him any goodwill and his job is at risk.

His father Patrick, who is embarrassed, disappointed, and at his wits end, assigns a fellow lawyer in the firm, Lauren Weatherly, to “babysit’ Quillan and help him get his shit together. Problem is, Quillan’s childhood crush- the beautiful, cruel, and arrogant Estella Broussard- has returned to New Orleans after studying the occult abroad for years in France. Any chance he might have had is thrown out the window, as his mind is set on finding a way to finally win her good graces, despite the fact that Estella has never had the slightest interest in him. When he finds some old letters and occult symbols that appear to belong to her ancestors, he uses them as leverage to spend time with her. What starts off as a selfish endeavor turns into a scavenger hunt that becomes exciting for Estella and dangerous for Quillan.

There’s also one other little thing about Quillan, that no one knows: he can talk to his dead twin brother Riley. And Estella- who descends from the powerful Deschanel family- has a skill of her own: she can read minds. And as she starts to read Quillan’s, and learns about his special skill, she realizes that she needs to convince him to connect with her ancestors if they are ever going to put the final pieces of the puzzle together, even if it will put Quillan in mortal danger to do so.


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