M is for My Name

sarahSarah is of both Hebrew and Arabic origin, meaning “princess” in both. The first and most famous mention of the name is in three holy works of the Torah, Old Testament, and the Quran. Sarai, the wife of Abraham, remains beautiful but barren until her old age when she is blessed by God, who tells her she is henceforth to be known as Sarah. The way I always interpreted this was that she was only sort-of awesome, and then God decides she’s going to be full-on awesome by giving her the best name ever. And bam, just like that, she has a son.

SarahMy mother wanted to give me a strong name. There were other names that were “trending” at the time of my birth (she once joked that I was supposed to be “Ingaborg”), but she felt that the name Sarah would carry with it a strength and confidence throughout the years of my life. It was also the name of her best friend, and the title character for the song “Sarah Maria,” from her favorite musician, James Taylor. Of course, there were many other songs written about Sarahs, but they all pretty much sucked. Many have sung them in my presence; few are still around to tell about it.sarah-name-arabic-caligraphy

I never wanted a different name, never thought about changing it. I’ve always been grateful that my mother chose a name for me that I could be proud of.

Also, princess? Accurate.



17 thoughts on “M is for My Name

  1. I hate my name. “Dirk”, there are countless ways to pronounce it wrong. There were two other Dirks in my school class. So it was damn trendy back than. I often thought about different names, …

    I think Sarah is a really good name. I hope we have chosen better for our boys: Raphael Porter and Lennard Constantin. But only time will tell.

    1. See, I would have thought Dirk was a rather uncommon name. I don’t think I knew any at all in school, and can’t recall any I’ve known since. If that makes you feel any better 🙂

      Your sons both have strong names. I think both of those are very timeless. They will thank you later for not giving them some silly frat boy name!

  2. Sarah is a lovely name. My name is Marie, but many people when meeting me for the first time, call me Maria. I say Marie; they say Maria. I suppose as long as my husband gets my name right, I should not complain 😉

    1. My middle name is Marie and for a hot minute in 5th grade I made people call me that. The next year I went back and people were calling me Marie and I didn’t know who they were talking to 😛

      That’s funny about the Marie/Maria thing. I have friends who get that all the time (Kristen/Kirsten, etc). It seems so simple to learn someone’s name correctly! You wouldn’t believe how many people, when I tell them I am ‘Sarah with an H’ clarify with: “So, Sahra?”

  3. Names are fascinating. My first name means “maker of tiles,” which is quite dull, but my last name means “royal guard,” and I think that’s pretty badass.

    Also, my nickname appears on all qwerty keyboards, which amuses me no end.

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