Sarah’s “Sorry, I Can’t Die Until I Go There” Travel Bucket List

Edited to add: Since the original publication of this article, I’ve knocked the Tudor/Plantagenet item off my list. Was every bit as amazing as I expected!

I love to travel. I’ve been very, very fortunate in the travel experiences I have had so far. If for some reason I could never travel again, I would have so many amazing memories, that I could almost be okay with that. Almost.

Of course, there are still many experiences I still want to have, many other places on “the list” that I still want to see. My friends, this list is long. In fact, it would be much easier and quicker to list the places that I don’t want to see, although even those would come with an asterisk. For example, a holy pilgrimage across the Middle East would be in my Top 5 if it were a safer place to travel. I’d also like to travel to the Congo and pick up my conflict diamonds in person someday (okay, maybe I am kidding on that one).

Having said that, in an always ongoing effort to prioritize, I’ve created my “holy grail” Top 5 Can’t-Die-Before-I-Take-These-Trips List.

In no particular order:

  • New Zealand Middle-earth Tour– Obviously there is no greater experience for a true Tolkien fan than this. Drooling as I type. Enough said.


  • York/Plantagenet/Tudor Castle Tour across England, Scotland, and Wales– Rent a car and tour the countrysides of the UK, visiting all the castles of the Yorks, Plantagenets, and their descendants. Get arrested for not being able to drive properly on the other side of the road.- NOTE: I completed this item in June 2015. Yay!

hever2 richmond leeds-castle-kent-england-copy

  • Orient Express across Russia, China, and Mongolia– My BFF/international partner-in-crime and I have been talking about doing this for years. It sounds like a delicious trip to write a novel on.

china moscow orpient-express-interior

  • Tour of Italy– The history of ancient Rome has always been dear to my heart. Although seeing Rome would satisfy most of that craving, I would love to see the entire country, from Tuscany to the coast.

Venezia winter paris_italy_2011_18-1 Rome-Italy

  • Alpine Drive Excursion– We’ve talked for awhile about doing euro-delivery on a BMW and driving it all over the alpine passes…through Germany, Switzerland, Austria.

101827-004-3236235E 6a0128765be845970c0120a9294792970b-pi apesaustria66

Honorable Mentions:

Machu Picchu, Peru; Paris, France; Jerusalem, Israel

images images (1) images (2)

12 thoughts on “Sarah’s “Sorry, I Can’t Die Until I Go There” Travel Bucket List

  1. Sign me up for Jerusalem for sure, and the Tudor Castle Tour. That’s American history before there were Americans! And I definitely want to visit New Zealand, but I confess – only for the beaches and hot dudes. =)

    1. I hear you…although New Zealand is probably the most expensive trip on my list in theory, the castle tour is the one that will drive me into full on bankruptcy as I see it lasting weeks and weeks. Maybe a sabbatical.

    1. Did you travel there on a scientific trip or vacation? I looked into it once for the average traveler, and the cost was something like 40 large because there are only a few authorized charters. What was your experience?

      1. Your pictures are just amazing. The chinstrap penguins look like they’re literally grinning from ear to ear!

        What an awesome trip this must have been…10k is a lot more affordable than I thought it would be (of course I’d need to double that to include my husband). Maybe some day we will make it happen. I’ve always been fascinated with the places on earth that are less traveled. I’d love to one day see the Galapagos islands too.

      2. Thanks for liking the pictures.

        It was not only the penguins that were ‘grinning from ear to ear!’

        What need of a hubby when you have penguins, skuas and Leopard Seals? Only kidding.

  2. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks!

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