St. Charles at Dusk- Free on KDP Through 3/31


Actually, its been free on KDP for about a year, but I’ve decided to remove it. If you’re not aware, the KDP program puts your novel in the Kindle Lending Library (a virtual library that is free for Prime members to borrow one novel at a time), but with the stipulation that you are not allowed to publish your novel in e-book format on any other channel. Which means you can’t sell it through anyone except Amazon. This pays off for some of the more popular writers, but due to the updated algorithms at Amazon (which many others, far more knowledgeable than I, have written about at length), has actually given me almost no downloads. Thus, I’ve decided to remove it, and to start focusing on other channels (BN, Itunes, Smashwords, etc). It will still sell on Amazon as well, just not as a free-to-borrow option.

Since membership to KDP runs in quarter cycles, St. Charles at Dusk will be in the program through March 31st. So, if you’ve been looking for a chance to read it, risk-free, before the sequel comes out, then, here you go! (Note: To download, you actually need to search for the book via your Kindle device or software)



New to series? Read more here.

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