Write Badly and Often


I accomplished a lot this past week regarding my writing, but I didn’t actually write anything. Meanwhile The Storm and the Darkness still sits at 50k, unedited words, which is exactly where it was at the end of NaNoWriMo 2011. Wow, awesome!

I created full profiles for all of my key characters. I added more notes to my “kitchen sink” file for the novel. I solved something very important that I had been puzzling over, regarding the storyline and character motivations. I submitted St. Charles at Dusk to Goodreads, and also created my author profile. I wrote up an overview page for my book series. I researched Scrivener. I met some new authors through blogging. I blogged often. Hell, I even created my Writing Goals for 2013. Irony, how I love thee.

I think fear is probably the greatest cause of writer’s block for me (and probably for others). I love my story. I love my characters. I love the world they belong to. But I know that once I start really pulling the story apart and coloring it back in, it might not be exactly what I want it to be. But I’ve decided it doesn’t matter. No one writes anything terribly genius the first time around, and that’s what edits later are for. No one has to see the originals, right? And if I ever become ridiculously famous, people will pay stupid amounts of money for them. Win/win.

If I can write 50,000 words in 30 days for NaNo, I can do it now. Aaaaand…go.

4 thoughts on “Write Badly and Often

      1. I can sympathize. I’ve got a novel in development that I really need to be working on, but didn’t do more that 1,000 words on it this week.

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