Writing Goals for 2013

No, really. It isn’t.

 Sarah’s 10 Writing Goals for 2013

These have been in my head for awhile. In the same way most of my goals usually are, where I can think about them when it’s convenient and allow the incomplete ones to pass on quietly, and privately. Well, I am writing these here, publicly, so that I can hold myself accountable for the things that I want to do, and am perfectly capable of doing, this year for my career in writing. The goals are more aggressive than the goals were last year, but I didn’t make writing a priority in my life the way I should have. I want to give more time to that which brings me the most joy.

So here they are:

  1. Publish The Storm and the Darkness (Book 2 in the House of Crimson & Clover series)
  2. Publish to this blog often (weekly at a minimum), including finishing my Travel Series for all travels thus far
  3. Participate in and complete Camp NaNoWriMo in April & July
  4. Participate in and complete NaNoWriMo in November
  5. Start editing the as yet untitled Book 3 in the House of Crimson & Clover series
  6. Start speccing out my fantasy world for the fantasy series I want to write
  7. Launch the House of Crimson & Closer Newsletter and keep it alive
  8. Publish St. Charles at Dusk in more places, and make it more accessible
  9. Learn more about marketing my work, and apply several new techniques
  10. Come out of my shell a bit and become a more active member of the indie writing community

In addition to my writing adventures, I want to read more. Not necessarily more often (the laundry is not going to do itself, Sarah), but more genres. I need to branch out of my favorite authors and genres, and try new things. I want to read less-known fantasy series’ so I can get a better feel for the larger fantasy genre before I try to tackle my own fantasy writing. I want to read more self-published authors too, and review their work. I want to pay it forward. How can I expect anyone to take a risk on my writing if I didn’t do the same?

I’ll post the progress against these goals here on the blog to keep myself accountable through the year. Bring it on!

What she said.

9 thoughts on “Writing Goals for 2013

  1. Reblogged this on giosueghisalberti and commented:
    I noticed that you wanted to read other genres other than the one you write and, mostly, read. Although I only read one genre myself (fiction) one of the goals for the year was to read 1) new authors 2) and some of the classics I’ve missed over the years.

    Best of luck with your series.

    1. Thanks for the note and the well-wishes. Catching up on some of the classics I never read is one of my reading goals. It’s amazing even that I’ve managed to miss some of the ones I’ve missed, given how much I love reading. But- it’s never too late, right? Good luck with your reading endeavors this year!

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