Travel Series- Overview

I have always been one of those not-so-rare people whose greatest dream was to spend their life traveling the world, spending months in one place before moving on to the next, taking in every little nuance and experience of the culture. But I am also a realist, and I realized a long time ago that unless I won the lottery, this life was impossible. If I wanted to see the world I would need to get creative.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a career that requires me to travel to other countries. A few years ago, I also learned the art of mastering the long layovers: flying through new cities and countries and taking a day or two to see as much as possible. My goal has been to see as many new places as possible, with limited time (and limited budget), and I’ve learned some valuable tips and tricks along the way. Over the past four years I have been to fifteen different countries, many of which were only possible due to a creative use of time and resources.

This travel series is divided into three types of articles:

Whirlwind Travel– Sharing experiences I’ve had with only 1-2 days at a destination, including tips and tricks for maximizing time and money.

Making the Most of Business Travel– Deciding what to see and how to find the time to see it when traveling for work.

Lovely Holidays– Exploring in greater depth the destinations where I’ve been able to spend more time.


I recently renewed my passport when I ran out of VISA pages. 10 years, 17 countries, and priceless memories.

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