Kitchen Sink Post

Blog Checklist:
1. Create a writing blog- SUCCESS!
2. Keep the writing blog updated regularly- SUC- oh, wait.

Yeah…I suppose this will end up being like any habit, where I will need to make this part of my regular routine.

So, I do have a few updates:

1. Amazon Update: There is now a single link to view, purchase, or stare admiringly at St. Charles at Dusk! Both the paperback and Kindle versions can be found here:

2. Vacation: You think I am bad at updating this now? Just wait until next week. I will blow your mind with how little I updated it. I have a good reason, though…going on what I feel will be a pretty fabulous vacation, with my best friend. We are going to Turkey, Morocco, and Spain for two weeks, and in case you were wondering, our number one mission is to piss off as many camels as possible.

3. NaNoWriMo: Which leads me to NaNo…you might think, with losing 10 days of the month to a vacation, that I might have thrown in the towel. Not so! I decided to ‘fast track’ my experience this year, and finish on the 20th instead of the 30th. Given my rock star status, this is going to happen. As of 11/13, I am at 35k words (out of 50k), and am scheduled to finish…EARLY. Yes, I said early. As in, not just 10 days early, which is no joke, but possibly 11 or 12 days early. LIKE A BOSS.

4. Upon my return to the states, I will be starting my lessons in learning Quenya (Elvish). Why? Why not, is a better question.

Q, ELL-ehn SEE-lah LOO-men oh-men-tee-el-voh!

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